Taking a Break

I have decided to take a break from juried art competitions for a while.  The main reason is that I've maxed out my budget for that particular activity.  But there are other reasons:

1.  My fragile artist ego has experienced enough rejection for the time being.

2.  Fees for juried shows can be expensive and don't guarantee a spot in an exhibit.

3.  I have never sold a piece of art in a juried show.  All my sales have been through the galleries that represent me.

4.  Unsold or rejected art from juried shows takes up too much room in my studio.

There are other reasons, but the most important one is that I don't need the stress of waiting for someone to pass judgement on my art.  I have had enough sales to know that people like what I do.  Juried shows are often about the juror and may have nothing to do with my ability as an artist.  So, I'm going to concentrate on painting the way I love to paint and focus on making things for the galleries that represent me.

However, not all has been bleak.  I was honored to make it into the 2016 "Healing Power of Art" exhibition at Manhattan Arts International, curated by Renee Phillips.    Please visit Manhattan Arts International's website to view this amazing exhibit before it closes on September 20.