Jumpstart your creativity!

We've all been there as artists, right?  All of a sudden, the well runs dry and our creativity hits a wall.  In the literary world, it is known as writer's block.  But we get it too. . . I know I have. Fortunately, I have discovered some tricks that help me to get out of a slump and maybe they will work for you:

1.  Take an art class in something outside of your normal way of creating.  Seven years ago I found myself unable to paint at all.  Nothing. . . nada . . .a great big ZERO. Then I looked at a community art program brochure and found a beginning ceramics class.  I found I loved it and spent a full year at it - 2 classes a week plus 4 days a week in the community studio.  Working with glazes brought back my love of color and abstract forms and eventually I found myself painting again with renewed energy.

Next time I will share another medium that has totally made the creative juices flow freely again!