Lava Iridescence
Advancing Fire
Pele's Hair II
Emerging Fire
Fissures Rising
Pu'u Loa Lava Field
Light at the End II (Thurston Lava Tube)
Pele Bursts Forth
Walls of Red Cinder (Thurston Lava Tube)
A'a Lava 1
River of Fire
Pele Churns the Sea at Night
Pahoehoe VI
Pele's Hair
Fire and Awe
Midnight Glow
Lava Meets the Sea
Pele's Moon
Mysteries and Formations
The Light at the End (Thurston Lava Tube)
Pele's Windows
Pahoehoe II
Lava I
Lava II
Lava III
Lava IV
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